Our Story

Welcome to our happy place. Where you’ll want everything as much as your kids do!

Is it just us, or does discovering beautiful toys and family products never get old? Picturing our children in their own imaginative world, learning as they play, occasionally bounding up to us with new creations or asking us to join in...

Every time we shop timeless independent designs for our family, we know not only will our kids be happy, but we get to delight in beautiful things we aren’t rushing to hide away in the toy box! Designs which we’ll be proud to hand down the generations and will still bring hours of fun.

Kinderbarn was started so you know exactly where to come to find those sorts of products. To find the perfect additions to the happy, beautiful family home you’re working hard to create.

We know it’s not always rainbows and sunshine (hello, exhaustion...) but we’ve found great design makes parenting a whole lot easier.

Kinderbarn family photo taken in Padstow, Cornwall

Hi, we’re Andrea & Telor. We live in Sussex with our two young children and a determination to make family life fun and fulfilling.

Between us we have a background in education (Andrea) and ecommerce (Telor). Andrea is a modern languages teacher, has an Educational Science degree and has worked in education systems across the UK, US and Germany (where she was born), while Telor works in digital marketing, growing online stores for other business owners.

In 2020, during the UK’s ‘lockdown’ unexpected time to reflect made us realise it was time to put our backgrounds together and follow our shared dream of starting our own business. A business that would allow us more family freedom, while helping other families grow stronger through quality time together.

Like most families, we found lockdown life was a rollercoaster of emotions and unexpected challenges to navigate – but it made us see just how important time spent playing, laughing, creating and learning together is. Life’s too short to not fill your life with as many of those memories as possible!

And so, Kinderbarn was born to make it easier for you to create the beautiful, playful family experiences that are so important.

We hope you’ll enjoy browsing our happy place as you create your own.

Andrea & Telor